Cashmere Care

Cashmere is a natural fibre, it doesn't hold dirt and odour and therefore you do not need to wash it every single time after you have worn it. However, it does require special care if you wish to see it last through the years in excellent condition.

You can dry clean your garment, or use a gentle hand wash mode on your machine.
Or alternatively you can hand wash it using the right technique:

-Wash your garment inside out in lukewarm water with a cashmere detergent or a gentle baby shampoo. You can choose to then use hair conditioner to make your cashmere softer.
-To dry lay your garment on a thick towel and roll up and gently press. Then lay flat on a towel, but do not stretch is as this can lose shape.

-If you wish at the end of every season de-pill your jumper with a de-bobbling comb
-To de-crease, iron inside-out on the lowest heat setting using a damp cloth between the cashmere and the iron, keeping it moving. Or, if you can, steam it using a hand-held steamer.
-To store for the season, wrap up in acid free tissue paper and store in a clean dry area. 


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