Has it already been a year? All those cliche sayings you hear suddenly don't seem so lame anymore. Time flies by when you having fun or as my father continually sings 'life happens when your busy making other plans'. Well it has and we've reached our first milestone. Cough cough. Best put on my responsible hat and give some kind of insightful speech about starting a business as a single woman... Nah stuff that. Lets cut to the chase. 


Our first campaign


In the one year that we've launched its been pretty great fun. We've jumped into the world of instagram and bloggers, met some very inspiring people, been published in some cool magazines, and best of all sold our staples to women all over the world. So I guess we are at this tipping point of transitioning from a project to a full time business. Do you think we should take the leap?


Blogger Emily Luciano

I have to admit being a full time mother and trying to run a business has been pretty challenging. Lets be honest I should of uploaded about 10 different blog posts yet the dictatorship run by my two little bandits took over each time. However, this hasn't stopped me from working on new exciting things a season ahead for Spring Summer and finding new knit yarns for this winter (they are coming soon I promise!).


Our new campaign with Diana Stenta

So there it is one year. It went fast and was super fun. We're celebrating with a special code on our instagram. So make sure you don't miss out. It's now fall and therefore the perfect time to shop our cashmere turtle necks as worn by Michelle Madsen. You can read more about how she styled our items here.


So thank you for following, listening and believing in us. We hope you stay with us for the next year and the many more to come. If you have any ideas, reviews or questions send us an email at hello@thewhitelabelproject.com we love hearing from you!

Have a lovely weekend!