The essential x 3



I once found myself in a random shop off the streets of Hong Kong filled with ballerina flats. It was like something out of a movie. Six pairs later and four months on each pair had broken down resembling something close to garbage than shoe heaven. It was a lesson well learnt and ever since then I have been incredibly cautious when buying shoes. Which compared to my chocolate consumption I have actually managed to find control over. 


There was a great line in a soap opera which went basically 'amazing shoes will take a woman to amazing places'. Well I agree shoes are very important in the sense of you really need to invest in good quality. Since culling most of my wardrobe and restarting its been serious fun researching and finding what key pieces you need and especially shoes. I don't believe you have to spend $800 for a good pair of shoes, you just need to research. 


The three essential shoes I believe every woman should have in her wardrobe are a nude heel, a street sneaker and Italian leather boots. 





 -A nude heel is perfect for both day and night and goes with basically everything. For those who can't afford the classic Stuart Weitzman sandal there are always other brands offering high quality alternatives like Tony Bianco.


- A street sneaker (please note NOT RUNNING SHOES) look great with a pair of cigarette jeans or alternatively a cute dress. My favourites are currently Ports  but once again not always affordable. Adidas Gazelles or Vans classic black street skate shoes are also good alternatives.

- When it comes to Italian leather boots, you should spend a little bit more because this is a 10 year investment item. You've seen them all over instagram and they are perfect flat or with a heel. So make sure you check out the Acne Jensen boot. Super comfy and the quality is perfect. 


What are three pairs of shoes you can't live without?