As women we grow up continually putting pressure on ourselves. Sometimes I feel like I've spent my entire life under pressure to perform. Whether it be a ballet exam, a tennis match or a relationship. That pressure has always been there. However, I have never felt like I have been pushed up against a wall until I became a mother who was trying to do it all. 

One of my little darlings 

I began THE WHITE LABEL as a fun project (hence the web address) but as it became something more I felt like I couldn't do it justice. After procrastinating for months and months I've had to weigh up what really makes me happy. Starting a business has been a huge learning curve and I have to say I've enjoyed it so much. 


My favourite would have to be instagram, and creating/styling content. However I soon became bitter as these new algorithms came into place, working against small businesses. Suddenly engagement of thousands dropped to almost single digits. 


So what is going to happen now? Firstly I am going to stop making apparel. I really liked it, but I think my passion definitely lies with accessories. I also want to continue content with interesting women, discussing topics like travel, work, and fashion. 



So will you stay with us on this journey? I really hope so! 

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