I've been in love with Jennifer Lopez for as long as I could remember. This clever business women who has branded herself on her 'glow'. I have spent many hours googling how to achieve her glow and watched many make up tutorials. Its been quite flattering that some of you have asked me about how I achieve this in my selfies (cringe) on instagram. I'll be honest I have tried it all. 


Firstly let me start with some of my notes:

1. Exercise & hydration. Yeah yeah I know what you are thinking but I swear drinking lots of cold water and exercising really gets the blood flowing to your skin and feeling great. 

2. Clean skin. I currently use Esteé Lauder's face cleansing wash. I use it in the shower because I am super lazy. I also use it every second day as I have quite dry skin and I don't like it to become too oily.

3. Don't follow one of those Kylie Jenner make up tutorials. Unless you want to look like Harley Quinn its seriously not a good idea. I tried trust me. Loads of time. Piles of make up. Unnatural. Unrealistic. 


So what do I use to get a glow? This beautiful facial concentrate product from Aesop. Aesop is an Australian brand from Victoria which makes beautiful products for your skin and hair. Just walking into one of those stores you know you can kiss your money goodbye. Sure it is expensive, but it lasts a long time (make sure you follow dosage recommendations) and is seriously worth it. You can always ask for a sample in the shop. Aesop staff are lovely! 


So I use this as my base then combined with a little MAC shimmer and their hydrated spray at the end you also can have this look too. So go check it out. Its simple, fast and perfect for an every day glow!