Realistic Resolutions

Christmas is over. Thank god. While everyone is enjoying their food comas and aiding their continuous hangovers are you like me with that brand new organiser open planning 2017?


The decision to have another baby while simultaneously launching a business wasn’t my smartest move I have to admit. As much as I would like to pretend that I ignore all the social media hype and unrealistic bench marks they set I obviously haven’t. Hence thinking that despite giving birth, sleep deprivation and holding down fort while managing a new business would be a piece of cake. Its moments like these that I realise second guessing your decisions sometimes isn't a bad thing. 


Besides the stress and having to come to the acceptance that things will never be perfect its put everything in perspective and I have found myself re energised and excited for 2017. I have three simple resolutions for the new year:


  • Eating clean and healthy by reducing refined sugars and meat
  • Reducing the amount of make up I wear by having a contour/foundation free regime
  • Finding a way to effectively organise my time and build THE WHITE LABEL


But hey lets be honest, there will be moments when little sleep will call on that concealer. Or I’ll consume a thousand calories of chocolate out of sheer hunger and probably times when I will feel completely stressed by running a business by myself. 


Thats life and I’m okay with it. You can’t be perfect all the time. 

I believe you should try to enjoy every day and try and make the most of it. Making effort is hard but it is always rewarding. 


2017 We’re going to see new things coming, and old things go. We’re going to share more of the inside of our business and story via THE PROJECT and hope that you join us here for a good read. 


So lets pop open the champagne baby and make unrealistic resolutions and promises to ourselves! Celebrate life and new beginnings!