‘I cannot evaluate your work performance because I am attracted to you’ were the words that suddenly came out of my CEO’s mouth at a meeting. Young at the time and feeling completely ambushed my response was to smile warmly, shrug and walk off. Yet as the days passed I began to feel the full effect of what had been said to me and how I had truly been valued in the work place. 


Its a fine line that we walk as women in this world, trying to be taken seriously and on equal level to males. But we seem to have this conflicting and questioning idea of how to achieve this. How do we stay professional and pretty at the same time? 

When Kim Kardashian is posting naked photos of herself with the caption ‘feel liberated’, and posing topless is seen as an act of empowering women how are we ever going to be taken seriously? Shall we start burning our bras and all go live naked in caves?


As someone who is a double D cup I’m pretty okay with keeping my bra collection and last time I checked no one wants to be naked in a cold dark cave. If we keep on wearing less and less, spending more time obsessing about our looks instead of our lives then I have this feeling we will end up naked in a cave and exactly how men secretly prefer us. 


In this ever-changing world I feel we have lost grip on what is appropriate. How do we maintain and grow our powerful female presence in this world without feeling like we can’t be sexy at the same time. 



To myself I feel that you should dress to feel good. When you feel wonderful in what you are wearing then that self contained confidence radiates out of you and you transfer that positive energy into how you work. Confidence is everything. This is what I always keep in mind when considering what staples to create next. 


Try our silk shirt tucked in a pencil skirt, or our cashmere sweaters with a lace camisole over tailored pants with heels. Fitted or flowing dress what makes you feel comfortable but beautiful. You can be pretty and powerful in this world so don’t ever let anyone make you feel valued on your ‘pretty looks’ only.