M is for...

After being an active instagram user for the past year I've come to the conclusion that there needs to be a rolling eye emoji. Anyone else feel the same? It would give my eyes a rest from all these staged 'perfect pictures'. As a mother I feel the pressure ten times more with all these insta/perfect stepford housewife mothers. One swipe through and its enough to leave you needing an eye mask and a glass of straight vodka to get over comparing yourself to unrealistic hollywood standards.

Enter M word. The magazine popped up on my feed a while back and thank god because my eyes were getting sore (plus my liver). Three mothers who are the true epitome of the modern woman with genuine lives portrayed on social media. With ten children between the three of them combined with careers and a highly successful blog these women truly inspire but also exude an obtainable life. I also like it that they confess to losing 'their shit' on a daily basis. 

Here is a mini interview I had with one of the founders Isabel:


How did the three of you start M word magazine? 

We all met on Instagram when we were pregnant almost 4 years ago. Well, in fact Katleen and Liesbet already knew each other as they are twins. Isabel started following the twins and we immediately hit it off. We met a few times and after a while we decided to join forces and start our own blog. Isabel was already blogging and Katleen also blogged for some American online magazines. 


What has been your favourite part of launching a successful blog?
The fun we had at our little meetings, preparing and talking everything through. We love working together and never had any issues or problems, we really became good friends over the years. We never expected the blog to be such a succes and are grateful for every collaboration. 
As modern women with children, husbands and work how do you find balance in every day life? Do you feel you ever miss out on anything? 
Well, to be honest, it is not always easy but taking everyday as it comes helps a lot, haha! Don't stress too much when things don't work out as you imagine them to be. When you are as busy as we are these days, you learn to let things go and make the best out of every situation. We don't really feel that we miss out on anything as we still try to spend time with our husbands and friends. A good babysitter is a real must, though!
Do you find your shopping habits and style choices have changed with kids? 
Not really. We always loved fashion and still do. We love jeans and white tees, but we also love to dress up from time to time when we go out. 
What do you look for in a brand and investment piece?
It has to be sustainable. We don't mind to spend a little more on an item, as long as we can wear it for more than a season.
What would be your advice to young mothers thinking about starting a blog?
That is a hard one, but the best advice must be; stay true to yourself and your style. Don't just accept collabs for the fun of it, or the money, but only accept when you really love it. 
Where would you like to see M Word in the future?
We don't think about that too much. We love what we are doing and hope we can keep doing this while having fun.
Do you feel there is a lot of pressure placed on women to be all round achievers and how do you feel your choices and actions have been influenced by society?
Yes, I do think there is a lot of pressure. It is not always easy, but every woman should just live her life as she wants without thinking too much about others or what others expect of them. This might be easier said than done, but you will feel happier at the end. We believe in ourselves and in our families and that is the most important thing.
Who inspires you in life? What is the best advice you have been given?
We all have been inspired by our mothers. Like we already said: stay true to yourself and everything will work out is the best advice we have been giving.
To read more about Mword visit their website here.