Some of you may be wondering about our new cashmere line and noticed that the prices have gone up. We thought that you all definitely deserved an explanation. No, we haven't decided to jack up the prices because of popularity. The answer is quite simple. Cost of production has gone up. But why?
After receiving our second delivery of cashmere we noticed some serious problems. The finishing of products, dark marks, and basically it didn't really feel like very good cashmere. I'll be honest I freaked out. Then I freaked out again. 
The cashmere industry is quite small, and luckily Genevieve Sweeney who works with us to design our knit line knows a lot of people. She introduced us to a trusted factory she had worked with who has a big european client list including a lot of those luxury brands you know.
After sending the first jumper I freaked out. This time because it felt AHHH-MAZING. The softest cashmere I had every felt. I knew that our customers would love them. While the cost of the items had gone up, it was completely worth it. We are using the exact same cashmere as the factory luxury big brand clients but at a honest price.
You will love the feel of these jumpers, it has taken our cashmere to a whole new luxury level. So I highly recommend you pre order your cashmere now because I can personally vouch that you won't be disappointed!