As you may know by now we have closed our shop for the holiday season. Like many online stores its common to do this in order to ensure that everyone receives their packages before christmas. The middle of this month marked us turning two months old an while that seems like such a short time I feel we have learnt A LOT about our business and social media. 

The bottom line being; everyone makes mistakes. It will happen to every one but the best part is that you can learn A LOT from your mistakes. I think for me my resolutions are to stop comparing, go in the direction you want and to be more ruthless with quality control.

It may seem like we've gone a bit quiet but actually we are working hard on our next collection. We've taken your feedback and now are planning our new staples. We'll be keeping the favourites and putting the rest on sale after christmas. Perhaps its the time away that has given me a clear idea of where I want THE WHITE LABEL to go and how it should look like. But we could not have done it without you! 

So thank you everyone from Facebook, instagram, bloggers for all your support, love and care. Hope you have a lovely holiday season!!