Black Friday is coming up this week and we have had many of you ask us if we will participate. To be honest I don't actually know what 'black friday' is. Sounds like doom and gloom day. I know its a night where there are crazy sales before the holiday season commences. But being from Australia its not a common retail event here. However, it does happen in Norway and since we are a Scandinavian company we have decided to participate. 
As you may know by now, our pricing is based on cutting out the middle man so we only mark up 100% (if that). So having crazy sales like 70% off our collection would  mean we would actually lose money and also I think de value our brand. Our products are made in small quantities by local communities which mean we are all about conscious consumption. 
So for 'Black Friday' we have decided to offer one time special prices on our items on our website. For all those signed up to our newsletter we will send out a special code for free shipping. So make sure you sign up! 
Have a lovely week!