Are you one of those people obsessed with feeling the fabric of garments when in store? Well I am. All these new poly fabric blends arrived and it was like a whole new game. Viscose, modal, lyocell, rayon the list goes on. When we first discovered our silk factory in Jiaxing they asked us if we would prefer to produce in poly. Silk is becoming a commodity that is expensive and as many stores wish to drive down the costs poly is a cheap alternative. 
However after being the victim of buying countless tees and tops in these soft blends to only have them resemble garbage after one wash, or easily tearing I wasn't so keen. Now I have to be fair there are some gorgeous things in high quality blends. What it comes down to is taking care of your items. The problem is that with fast fashion people treat clothes the way they treat food. Its disposable. 
Personally, when I started compiling a list of the kind of classic staples I wanted our brand to have I began with silk. I love flowing soft silky blouses but I wanted one thats would feel beautiful forever. Silk is this beautiful pure light fabric and you don't have to wash it after every use.
Committing to luxury goods is like embarking on a lifestyle change. Expensive, high quality things will last forever. As long as you take care of them. Our silk staples are premium A+ grade. We compared with the market and priced ourselves well below to ensure that it was affordable for all women trying to build themselves a gorgeous collection.
So a tip from me, always check exactly what you are buying. Is it plastic, is it natural, is this premium A grade, what is the super fine cotton count on that blazer? Because you only deserve the best!
Have a lovely weekend x