One of the greatest challenges of being an online store is creating some kind of tangible physical presence for your customers. Its still something most online stores try their best to achieve. I think we can all relate to those 'crisis' moments of needing to reach a business with the only option being a contact form and then a response perhaps if you are lucky within two weeks. By the its too late.
For us, its very important to provide the best kind of customer service to everyone that signs up with our store. We are calling this service 'FRONT ROW'. While you get all the quirks of knowing ahead of the pack we endeavour to provide special offers and personalised services to all of our customers. Celine is in charge of handling all of our existing and potential customers. 
This just the beginning of something exciting. We promise to expand the FRONT ROW into all kinds of services and products for our treasured customers. 
So make sure you sign up and for all queries contact your fashion concierge direct!