It has always been a huge dream of mine to design a hand bag. Growing up as a little girl I always had an obsession, even before I had become aware of all those big brand luxury names. But I found as with time, hard work and money spent on luxury brand bags that I would also end up relying on the  most practical and versatile bags from my wardrobe. The kind of bags you could use for everything and would go with every outfit. 
So when I created the White Label I knew that we had to make a leather range. My experience with Chinese tanneries were quite negative, not to mention the continual exposure of inhumane treatment of animals for skin and fur. I knew that I had to work with Italian leather. It was by pure chance that I met Agnese. From a family of artisans with a long history of craftsmanship in fashion and art I knew she was the perfect partner. 
Agnese is one of those rare gems you find once in a life time, passionate about her work and proud to be upholding an craftsmanship long lost to mass manufacturing. Together we found the perfect Italian leather and raw materials to create perfect pieces. We've started with classic designs that we have perfected over countless emails. Our bags are priced fairly with over 50% of the cost allocated to the best raw materials and labour we could find. 
We hope to expand our range with new products, colours and textures. It has been one of those exciting and purely enjoyable experiences creating something with such love and passion. So I hope you stay with us and learn more about our collection and how it develops over the years to come. Enjoy!