You know when you see those online stores selling you a sweet deal on a pair of shoes most likely channelling the latest trend and you think 'wow! I can get these for only $25!!'. Well what I think is 'Gee, I wonder how much that really cost to make?'. Sometimes I even think 'How on earth are those prices even humanly possible?!?'

Recently I visited the Nobel Peace Prize with a friend and was relatively surprised to read about the 2014 laureates. I knew that Malala had won but who I didn't know about was Kailash Satyarthi. So what an amazing experience to read about all of his achievements. Satyarthi has been working for decades in a mission to put a stop to child labour in India. Continually engaged in raids removing children from sweat shops and harbouring them in safe environments where they are provided with education, a bed, and most importantly a childhood. India can seem like a beautiful colourful place to visit but it is also full of dark corners that harbour the worst in humanity. 

Child labour, exploration, slavery it still exists. So next time when you purchase a garment or accessory check where its made and consider the true cost of what you are paying for. Cheap may be good for you, but not for everyone. Consume consciously.