Who. What. Where. Why.

Throughout your life your style will inevitably change. I honestly cringe when I think of all those horrific outfits I wore. I must of been having a mid life crisis. However, leaving China and arriving in Scandinavia I found myself in a mecca of design. Scandinavian design is classic, clean, modern, simple but always innovative. It always amazes me how simple, yet stylish their design can be. It's also incredibly expensive. So coming from a manufacturing background in China and knowing the true cost this was a huge slap in my face. 
All I wanted was classic pieces, high quality materials, the staples to complete my scandi wardrobe but not have to pay an advertising, middle man marked up cost. Electric companies did it, why couldn't fashion do it? Didn't every woman deserve access to luxury level goods?
So with that The White Label was born. Clean classic cut, luxe staples that every woman's wardrobe deserves.
I hope you enjoy our collection and continue reading our blog articles to learn about what really goes into garments and accessories, and how we price them honestly.