Scandinavia design and interior style are on trend right now. Before I moved to Norway I actually didn't realise how many products and brands that Scandinavia were responsible for creating. So after looking forward to being submerged into a shopping frenzy of Scandi brands I realised there is a lot more to achieving scandi style than meets the eye. This isn't just a one stop shop at Ikea. Scandinavian culture  is so much more than just white walls. Its a culmination of design and history. Here are my tips on how you can achieve the same aesthetic in your home:



Scandinavian design is all about minimalism but in such a special way. Its all about that calm, clean fresh aesthetic. So first of all you need to declutter you home just like you declutter your life. Be ruthless but also be considerate. Throw away trash, but also for things that perhaps don't represent you in the now give to the Salvation Army or Red Cross.  


If you have ever been into someones home in Scandinavia you will notice that they have excellent storage solutions. Being a cold region you get a lot of coats and 'gear' for the winter which needs to be put away during winter and then stored during the warmer seasons. Have clean benches, put things into cupboards, be organised. It will look a hundred times better having nothing on a kitchen bench than all your appliances. I always find a clean home really helps you mentally feel more relaxed.


Instead of buying 100 candles from Ikea take a minimalist approach. Invest in one product over 10 options. Buy that expensive and comfortable sofa and let it sit alone. It has literally taken me years to buy furniture for our home. I would rather have empty clean space than cheap crap we will eventually have to throw out. The bottom line is don't fill your homes with junk.


Your home is a very important place. It represents more than some people realise. It reflects you. Fill your home with art, photos, love. Take your time and curate that hallway with what speaks to you. Slowly build your coffee table books over the years. Some times the best designs are the cheapest and easiest to execute. They just take time, effort and thought. 

Once you implement these basic concepts in your home, you are on your way to building a beautiful, calm and meaningful home, Scandi style!

*Images from Pinterest