Something I’ve always admired about my mother is that she really takes care of her things. When I was a teenager she would continually pull me into the laundry to show me how to hand wash delicate lace or special sweaters. Shake her head at the way I treated my clothes. Now as an adult I’ve learnt the importance of investing personally into your wardrobe. Spending the time to clean your shoes, wrap away your sweaters when winter ends, and keep those leather goods in their duster bags.


I think it would be fair to say that many people are skeptical of silk. Actually most likely not just silk but all fabrics that come with these ‘dry clean’ only tags. Sadly we are living in a society were clothes are high disposable waste and where we no longer care for our possessions. When I talk with our sample room in Jiaxing who are big silk manufacturers its always sad to hear that many customers are discontinuing their silk line due to the price. An expensive fabric (if you use the premium level like us) that requires care, seems to be considered not suitable for the main stream market anymore. 


You really have to ask yourself, who you are as a person, what your style says about you and do you really care about the clothes that you wear? As I’ve said before poly silk will never feel like silk. Your skin can’t breathe and the clothes will never sit with that flow like real silk. So how can you care for silk? Dry cleaning is always the recommended way to wash silk. If it is cost efficient in your home and you want to save time then it's a great option. For those who don’t have that option consider hand washing and steaming your garments. Investing in a steamer is such a great idea and they are pretty well priced these days. I use them for my shirts and also my cashmere sweaters. 


For our silk collection I always feel so lucky to be working with our factory and sample room. They cater for some of the big names and agreed to meet our small orders. Together we prevent wastage using left over bolts of fabric for our silk collection. Not only are we recycling but it also allows us to have price competitive apparel. For those who are cautious of white I’m pleased to present our new colours black, charcoal grey and sandstone. 


So don’t be a skeptic. Invest in the real deal. Shop our new silk collection here.