Cashmere is portrayed as a luxury staple. Truth is it can be quite affordable. We believe every woman should have access to luxury level cashmere at affordable prices. Thats why we started our label and why we are having a special offer this weekend in conjunction with our brand re launching.
Here are a few why you should invest in cashmere:
For one sweater it takes 4 years of growing on a goats belly. That one sweater is estimated to last you ten years based on 200 wears. We use the exact same yarn as the luxury brands meaning the highest quality.
Cashmere is warm but also light and soft. Its the perfect travel item to take with you in case of that unexpected cool summer night or extra layer to keep you warm in winter. 
Cashmere being a light material means that dirt easily brushes off and doesn't absorb odours. This means it doesn't need to be cleaned after every wear. In general we recommend hanging it up during use to allow it airing out, then packing it up in tissue paper.
So for this weekend only make sure you use the code 'CASHMERECLUB' for $50 off each sweater you purchase, because every woman deserves luxe staples.
Once you go cashmere, you never go back!