People have been asking me lately on what we envisioned with our pieces ie. how we think they should be styled. Firstly, we design our pieces for the modern working woman. Whether she be a young law graduate, a stay at home mother or the next CEO. Rachel Zoe said 'Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak'. No one in this world can tell you who you are but you. 

Lots of people do look for advice because they don't feel confident in their choices and style. I think my only piece of advice is that you really should consider investing in high quality products instead of buying the same cheap product again and again. After my first Scandinavian winter I thought to myself 'I can keep on buying these crap acrylic poly jumpers which do a poor job of keeping me warm, or I could invest in one beautiful cashmere jumper that would last each year and always look good.' 

As the saying goes, its not about quantity its about quality. Cheap clothes will always look cheap. Investing in beautiful high quality fabrics really pays off because not only will they last many years, you will also always look your best! Luxury should be effortless, and so should your style. Here are five key pieces I think every woman should invest in:

I really feel that a watch is an essential accessory regardless of its key function to tell time. I think you can tell a lot about a person from the watch they wear. It doesn't have to be a super expensive investment, but a durable one. I'm currently in love with the Danish brand Skagen which has these signature mesh metal wrist bands. They are very reasonably priced and well made. 

Something I always have in my bag is a pair of sunglasses. Instead of buying those cheap low quality ones why not invest in a classic style that you can wear every year with any outfit.

3. A BAG
Now I am not saying that you have to buy a $3000 dollar handbag. But a durable high quality leather bag is really essential for work, weekend, play. I personally switch between my tote or cross body.

Investing in high quality black pants that have the perfect flattering cut is a must. Its seriously one of those pieces you can rely on. Whether you want to wear it to work with a silk shirt, or an oversized sweater with flats for the weekend. I always am on the search for the perfect pair. 

Now I will be honest, I love shoes. While we don't all have the capacity to recreate Carrie Bradshaw's shoe collection you can slowly build one. Being an ex ballet dancer I always test the soles of shoes to make sure they are high quality and comfortable. Never skimp on shoes! There was a quote on this Korean soap opera saying 'A woman needs beautiful shoes to take her to important places in life'. 

So don't hesitate, buy that gorgeous investment piece you have been coveting!