When you build a business its an adventure. It can also be like a girls night out. You start the night in the perfect outfit, hair in place, sipping on champagne and by 3am you can't remember where your bag is, what happened to your friend and why you are stuffing your face with a late night burger after pledging to only eat organic. Sound familiar?
Well crazy nights aside I felt like the same thing happened with starting a business. I had this concept, I wanted to test it and then I became confused as people began categorising it, ticking boxes. We often are referred to as a minimal fashion brand. But we aren't. I personally feel that the whole minimal movement seems to be very much an aesthetic one. 
I would say that our brand associates with minimalism in the sense that its about living with less. These days with fad diets, fast fashion and increasing consumption its hard to find balance. I don't think that everyone should have minimal scandi homes, or only a monochromatic wardrobe. But I do think people should carefully consider each purchase. Curating your home, your wardrobe, your life its an art. Our blog will have tips on how to do this.
This is what our label is about. Its not just fashion. Its not a fad. Its a brand based on lifestyle goals, about finding balance but still being fabulous. So don't expect monochromatic, shapeless clothes in the future. We love colour, we love staples we love luxury. Our label is all about being bold, beautiful, embracing femininity and wearing our clothes but styling it the way you love.
So stay true.